• rael.org - The Raelian Movement
  • prorael.org - Recently it has become normal for the “politically correct” media to be against the Raelian people. Television broadcast, books and anti-Raelian Internet pages are proliferating.
    des Elohim, écologie mentale pour laisser place à l´espérance »
  • apostasynow.org - “Because freedom is and should always be Man's fundamental right”
  • thereisnogod.info - Yes to atheism! No god, No guilt! The belief in god awakens fanaticism and guilt!
  • nopedo.org - Don't touch my kids. Organization for the denunciation of pedophile priests in accordance with the law.
  • icacci.org - International Committee Against Christian Calendar Imperialism.
  • rael-science.org - A free news service, providing a global, unbiased and uncensored glimpse of what the future holds, thanks to all the latest scientific and spiritual discoveries.
  • raelsgirls.com - Rael's Girls is an Atheist Based website that seeks to share views of hope by reaching out in a non-judgmental way to those who wish to be a part of the Sex Industry.