Our Philosophy

To understand instead of believing

"The time has arrived where we must stop believing and begin to understand."

These words translate well in the era in which we enter. We arrived at a time where all is revealed and thanks to the circulation of information (Internet) we can now know and understand everything but also and especially thanks to science that makes considerable progress in explaining everything to us. This is the era of the apocalypse, which does not mean end of the world, but an era of revelation, where veils will at last be raised and all will be revealed.

It is from this perspective that we will approach our comprehension of life on earth, of our origins in order to understand the place that should occupy on the planet those whom we call the sexual minorities or the people who have a different sexuality, at least according to the majority of humans.

This will evidently bring us to question ourselves once more on our origins, on the origins of life on earth and on the finality of life: which will give us a direction to life.

In other words, where do we come from and why are we here and where are we going?

Why do we exist, us homosexuals, transsexuals or bisexuals and how to explain this phenomenon that has existed since the beginning of the time.